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T-ara- Sexy Love Dance Cover


Anyone else loving this song This is one of the funnest covers that Ive done, I love the robot dance sorry for the slight fail in the beginning part before the robot dance…. I am doing mostly Qris parts, because she is my bias D To be honest, because of the controversy I didnt think I could look at T-ara the same anymore, but this songdance changed that. It is so addictive and just screams T-ara. I am team neutral, for the record. I will support both parties in any of their future endeavors. I had to raise the pitch of the song a bit to avoid being blocked by Loen Ent D Please commentrateToday is my official comeback been suffering from a broken toe for the past 2 weeks so I couldnt dance, so Ill be uploading more covers very soon Fanpage facebook Thanks for watching

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  1. You people need to lay off someone putting themselves out there. Very inappropriate. I challenge you to make the same video and put it on here. There is no reason to be mean if you can’t say something nice just don’t freaking say it…. very rude.

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