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Sin City Jessica Alba Dance Scene 1080p


Jessica Alba as the stripper Nancy Callahan in full 1080p HD, enjoy amp for more

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  2. Britney spears would have been perfect for the role of nancy, her body, her
    curvesn her ass were so hot and perfect at the time, and hotter thant
    jessica alba

  3. Shitty. They call that „dance“ ? I expected her to make a better job. This
    is not sexy she just wears sexy clothes, that s all. The scene is simply
    ridiculous. Watch Demi Moore s dance scenes in Striptease and you ll know
    what is to be a good dancer AND to be freacking sexy !

  4. This was a great scene (and not just because of the obvious reason(s)) the
    music, Hartigan’s realization, and seeing the other characters drinking
    together. I was really annoyed when they moved this towards the beginning
    of the film for the recut release. This story NEEDED to be at the end of
    the film.

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  8. I don’t know what Jessica Alba is Hotter in: Jessica Alba – Best of „Into the blue“ – uncensored or this. Check out both and tell me what you think.

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