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Si Swimsuit 2007 Raica

Si Swimsuit 2007 Raica

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  1. Oh My God! why there are spammer that will show u some porn like ”want
    more? visit my blog….”what the fuck evry 1 knows that you porn or
    porntube and many more sites give u porn…

  2. if she had snorted so much cocain her whole nose was one big hole i would
    stick my penis up there and then get an erection. it would probably kill
    her but i would do it

  3. dude you can see her ribs… paper thin women are just not attractive…
    super fat chicks arent either, but there is a difference between bein fat
    and having substance other than bones and fake tits

  4. lol your rediculous & I can barely understand you. Just because a woman takes off her bra doesn’t mean it isn’t Art anymore – their still modeling which makes it art. thank you good night
    ps just because a woman takes off her clothes doesn’t make her a whore. way to make an ass of yourself. You came into this planet naked & guess what? That’s how you’re leaving ~_^

  5. u’r name is boy so i think u’r comment gives a fully proof that u r a boy life came to earth naked lol such a stupid excuse from a kid that will never c sex if ppl stopped make’n it in videos

  6. lol What? Seriously bro you’re very hard to understand. Probably because your sentence structure is Fail. Anyways I’m 23 – did you seriously just insult me using my Youtube name?….lol. Look man I don’t want to argue any more I’d rather be friends. This is childish. And yes I am a virgin because I’m waiting until marriage…that’s my choice & I’m sticking to it =)

  7. and what makes u think i dont have either? your just a retard with a drunk mom at the time she named you, who couldn’t win the argument 🙁 poor little hector.

  8. first why are u calllin me names while we were just having a discussion second my name is not hector it is sam and i call my slf on net hector according to the historical greek warrior

  9. im calling u names? what about calling me a nerdy with no life or gf? and while were having a discussion? your ranting like a retard about how i would die if i diddnt see any boobs on the net twice a day? Look up the word discussion in a dictionary please,

  10. listen i made my point clear all what i aim for in my whole life is helping others but it seems ppl like’n it that way and when u guys meet god in the judgment day u will regret all u did in u’r life and that u didn’t listen to ppl like me

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