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Sexy Fashion Shoot In A Field Of Flowers – Karl Taylor Photography


Get More FREE Training Videos at my website karltaylorphotography On this shoot I show the techniques for lighting on location for some fashion and sexy model photography See how we set the shot up, work with the existing ambient light and add my portable studio lighting to create some stunning images. I really hope you like the results and welcome your comments on this video. If you like what you see then please recommend our channel and videos to a friend Get More FREE Training at my website karltaylorphotography

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  1. Hi taylor, your video is awesome! 🙂
    Well i was thinking of buying the Nikon 50mm 1.8G for serious portrait, but
    for some reason I seen some people said that in 50mm 1.8G, I will see some
    distortion and it not the best lens for portrait. So do you recommend me to
    get 85mm 1.8 lens?

  2. I saw this video some months ago, but I’ve just noticed that you were using
    the Style RX 600, for this video.

    I can’t figure out where did you get the power! O.o

  3. your model is gorgeous! ur lucky u have assistants to help u thast where i
    struggle right now i cant have people holdng reflectors n stuff i never
    have anyone to go with me to do that lol i needa stand

  4. Great video and like your lighting set up. Where did you find the location? Personally, in the second shot her shoulders look too crumpled; would using one arm to cover the important bits and the other at the side not have given a smoother flow?

  5. Not mentioned, but that ND filter (looks like a Lee one) is supposed ( my guess) to put ambient light at bay within max synch speed boundaries. Otherwise, Karl couldn’t have shot that open.

    Very nice and didactic video…

  6. Being at F1.8 allowed him to keep his iso low (100) while a higher aperture would be cool the photo would have either not have been as crisp, or suffered from noise. Not to mention distracting the viewer with a far crisper backdrop.

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