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Sexy at Every Curve: With Robyn Lawley & GabiFresh

Having curves doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel sexy in a swimsuit. At swimsuitsforall, we believe that all women can be Sexy at Every Curve. Hear from Robyn Lawley and GabiFresh about looking sexy on the beach no matter what your size.

Featuring music by: https://www.facebook.com/Behaviorsmusic

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  1. „At swimsuitsforall, we believe that all women can be Sexy at Every Curve“
    Sorry, but no, fat is grotesque, on male or female!

  2. For me its a shit compare to Gabi Fresh with Robyn, Gabi is a obese person,
    while Robyn is a georgous woman and shes not fat, she’s curvy!

  3. damn these women so hot makes my dick hard. They aren’t fat in the bad way
    either. They don’t have all that nasty cellulite. I love you long time

  4. If you are a big girl you have to see this, it is awesome, yes we have be
    health but we don’t have to be stinks either. 

  5. This video is about promoting positive body image and yet everyone down
    there is judging their bodies…wow, really missed the point, didn’t you

  6. Some comments are just … wow.
    If you think Shareefa (white) or Robyn (green) are fat, let alone obese,
    you have a mental health issue. Jada (flowers) is not skinny but she’s not
    obese either, she looks perfectly healthy. Gaby is indeed probably obese
    but she’s still beautiful and that’s the point. This video does NOT promote
    obesity but self-esteem. If you go on a diet, it should be for medical
    reasons, not to fit an unrealistic body image. Being obese (which is a
    disease, nothing to be ashamed of, unless you guys are ashamed when you
    have a cold) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy life or feel confident.

    However I really wish that woman hadn’t said „skinny insect“. Just as some
    people are fat because of medical reasons, others were simply born skinny
    and they’re not insects, they’re beautiful women.

  7. „not everyone has to be a stick insect…“. Well that’s true, and not
    everyone has to be a doctor, or an engineer, or an olympic swimmer, or a
    succesful business person. But you sure try to be!
    Why is everyone trying to make everyone the same? We are not! It’s just as
    stupid as little leage not counting runs so that the loosing team don’t
    feel bad! Well that’s the purpose of sports, competition! That’s how kids
    used to learn how to be succesful! Same goes for everything in life, if you
    are not good looking then try to excel at school or something else, but
    stop saying you are as good at everthing as everyone else, you are not and
    you cannot be!
    I’m sure there are people that find fat girls sexy but the great majority
    will always find slim girls sexier, so if you are fat don’t try to run for
    the worlds sexiest girl it’s that simple! Look for something you are good
    at or qualify at.

  8. I’m sorry but Gabi is not plus size. She’s medically obese. She can be
    amazing, but just like skinny girls I believe this is giving a bad example.

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