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Roxy Sanchez Beach Photo Shoot By Arthur St. John



Behind The Scenes on a Beach Photo Shoot with Sexy Latina Model, Roxy Sanchez and Celebrity Fashion Photographer, Arthur St. John. Photographer Arthur St. John ArthurStJohn FaceBook Twitter YouTube ModelMayhem Model Roxy Sanchez RoxySanchez Twitter ModelMayhem Hair Stylist amp Make-up Artist Rena Maeda RenaMakeup Wardrobe Stylist Tyree Fifer TyreeFifer.ViewBook Twitter ModelMayhem Behind The Scenes Video Curtis J. Moore CurtisJMoore Twitter Brett Cassano Behind The Scenes Video Editor Cheok Wai Lei CheokWaiLei Music Cameron Cartio Cuando Volveras Winterfall Records FaceBook Arthur St. John Photography amp Casting ArthurStJohn infoarthurstjohn arthurstjohnyahoo

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  1. I just started watching your videos about 3 hours ago and im in love with your style because is so similiar to mine so watching you makes me wanna go out there and just do a shoot.hahahah. Keep making more amazing videos bro as i will keep watching them and learning is a never ending thing for me and you def teach me so much with this vids

  2. great vid love the shots. only thing I would quip with is her skin. Please only take this as creative criticism , but it looks like it may have been a tad to much photoshop on the skin. It just looks a tad to perfect, but excellent work.

  3. damn you never get any really good videos on here. i basically only ever use one site now because they have real girls who like to show off on cam and want to hook up go here: bit.ly/YD5kWK?=ciyhp

  4. Did you really just ask us to take a photo and crop the center? Everyone knows cropping any part of a photo loses resolution. Why would I want to crop a photo when I can shoot the exact frame I’m looking for? If I’m shooting with a Canon 5D Mark2 at 21mp, and I decide to crop my image to get the center portion, I’m losing about 40% of the 21mp frame I have just captured, so now my new image (cropped from original) is only 12.6mp. I would get a higher resolution image by using my 18mp canon7D.

  5. Noise at ISO 100? there is no noise at ISO 100, on any camera.. show me some examples of this… this is just getting silly. I have taken thousands of photos at ISO 100, magnified to 100%, and even larger… and there is no noise. If any camera produces noise at ISO 100 it should be trashed. You have your arguments Joe, I have mine… We can go at this for days arguing advantages and disadvantages of both types of cameras. Its always a great debate and subject of many on-line forums.

  6. then why do so many pros use APS-C (cropped sensor) cameras? I for one use a Canon7D (cropped frame), I am considered a pro. Emily Soto uses a Canon 7D, she is considered a pro with a strong following, David Ziser top wedding photographer uses the Canon 7D, and so many others…. its a matter of preference, a matter of taste, a matter of style, what works for you may not work for others, and vice versa. Canon’s 1D Mark4 (considered an epic camera), used by many pros, is a cropped sensor.

  7. A combination of price, habit, and ignorance. People who claim to be experts keep repeating incorrect ideas about how lenses work, people listen to those so-called experts and shoot APS-C. And by the way, this is called an appeal to popularity, and it is a logical fallacy. Just because many people do something does not make it right. Take every religion ever, for example.

  8. No, I didn’t say you should crop a full frame photo. I’m explaining that shooting with an APS-C from the same position with the same lens as an APS-C, you are doing precisely that. CROP sensor.

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