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Photographer Zack Arias Takes A Trip To Mumbai With The X-pro1


Zack Arias test drives the Fujifilm X-Pro1 in Mumbai, India. From spontaneous street photography to professional fashion shoots, Zack takes us through an eccentric journey through the colorful lively city

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  1. there are developed and residential areas in Mumbai too you know. Not just
    slums and the dhobighat. Also there are cars at cst. Not just horses.

  2. Hi Zack, I am travelling to a place where the temperature is expected to be
    between -20º C and -30º C; sometimes dropping to -35ºC. How do I protect my
    X Pro1? Please advise. Thanks.

  3. …I became absolutely and totally drunk…because the city was great, the
    models were great, the fujis was great, the shots were great…
    Zack, I love you and I love the X-Series Cameras. Keep up, man!

  4. Thinking of her wondering eye as a ‚flaw‘ will not only hold you back in photography but in life my friend. That is exactly what makes that woman ‚real‘ and captivating. Finding the beautiful in the ’non-attactive‘ as you put it however is what will keep you ahead of the pack and blissful in life.

  5. I am wondering if anyone noticed that the models left eye kind of drifts? For some reason when I see someone „non-attractive“ I always find something beautiful about that person. Sometimes a few things. On the other hand whenever I see someone „beautiful“ I see at least one flaw right away. Am I just weird? I just started this venture into photography and am wondering if this will hold me back.

  6. Zack you like me, I like take fotos in the streets, like you, please! look my flickr, my flickr nick name is the same the youtube: review2014, I more than 9.300 thousends fotos of streets, thanks for share, your channel is very interesting

  7. I was in India for a few weeks July-August 2012. When I was in Pune there was a bombing at the McDonalds that I had recently been to. When in Mumbai, riots occurred a week or so later. In Agra we were stalked and assaulted by some ninja monkeys and had to give them a bunch of food.

    But the wedding was great!

    I have no idea how you were not descended upon by every beggar in a mile radius in these shots. Did you hire body guards while you were there?

  8. „trailer park“? Now that’s funny… Selma is welcome on my sailboat; Sorry( „all that for a flag“) flotus is not.

    Zack is making „pictures“ not a political statement.

  9. yeah,,promote billion dollar company fuji in the slums and the poorest people in the world to use for your photo promote,,,great,,a true white man,,dont give a crap about the situation.why does everyone go to india to see the decadence and poverty knowing they will leave and come home to there nice big home when these people live in filth and a broken down city crumbling building,,,just amazing.

  10. Well, then I’m gonna have Holga sponsor a shoot at your trailer park, and instead of using a one of the local chicks, gonna use Selma Hayek or Michelle Obama as models who typify the American experience.

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