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One Light… One Beach… Bts Photography Behind The Scenes


Behind the Scenes of a Strobist on location photoshoot with Conceptual Photographer, Ben Sant of BTS Photography. We go out to the shores of the Great Salt Lake to shoot 3 looks with just one speedlight coupled to one umbrella. You dont need thousands in gear to get studio quality lighting.

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  1. Really appreciate what you do and the fact you share it with others, it is
    the most important thing and even if the studio or equipments are not the
    more expensive one results and creativity are the plus that no one can buy.
    Setting up something as you have done should be supported by anyone.
    Ciao from Italy.

  2. I like your videos, some are very informative. I was just wondering why
    didn’t you use „high speed sync“ on your flash instead of having to crop
    your photo?

  3. Hello Ben,
    first of all congratulations on your video tutorials, they’re great!

    I have two questions for you, hope you could help me:

    1) Which ISO do you usually set in such situations, in order to get both a good light on the model and a nice low ambient light?

    2) What’s the difference between using a light diffusing umbrella (like in this video) or a reflecting umbrella (like in many of your other videos)?

    Thank you very much!

  4. Hey Ben – am in England and really liking your no-nonsense but knowledgeable approach. I’ve watched several of your vids now and 1.) they have given me some ideas and 2.) I have learnt several things from you. So thanks for that. Mark Stretch

  5. Thank you Ben …I just purchase an umbrella for my SB910 and I wan’t convince about it because I’m a beginner and I just have that one flash!! Although I’m still learning it could help me if you put a title with the iso speed that u used in your shootings, I think I learn better if I seeing it than hearing it ,

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