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Miranda Kerr Goes Topless For GQ Magazine

Miranda Kerr Goes Topless For GQ Magazine

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  1. I love the song. I hate the layout. As for Miranda I could hold her hand
    for eternity. I never seen a creation so beautiful. I wish she was real
    unfortunately she is a mythical creature like myself. I love Ya Miranda .
    Eternal Love from Joseph x I dont feel alone anymore 🙂 I do get lonely
    tho cos at the end of the day I am still a solo unicorn. 🙁 its ok tho 🙂

  2. @whiterabit09….are you brain dead? Just because she doesn’t have the body
    of Kim or any other over rated beauty out there in Hollywood, doesn’t mean
    she doesn’t have a beautiful body. She’s petite, with curves, and an
    adorable ass. Like if she walked into a room you wouldn’t think she’s
    beautiful. I’m sorry but I think, I KNOW, her beauty is of a much higher
    AND classy stature then that of Megan Fox, Kim Fake Kardashian, and any
    other blown up doll. So open up your eyes and your standards boy

  3. Chinese: 優秀
    Korean: 우수한
    Dutch: uitstekend
    German: ausgezeichnet
    Tagalog: Magaling
    English: Excellent!!
    Thumbs up if you Agree!!! ♥ ♥

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  5. well i didnt see her topless. she had her hands covering her boobs the whole time. still hot though. just dont cover ur boobs next time and let us actually see them.

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