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Michelle Jenneke Sexy Australian Hurdler

Is Michelle Jenneke the Sexiest Hurlder Ever! Youll have a hard time not being a Fan! * httpausgamer.


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  1. Is this the World’s Juniors or what. The winning time at 13:53 is very slow
    for world class women. They’ll shave a good 1 second off that time.

  2. this woman is beautiful from head to toe, has an amazing smile and a great
    personality. any man that calls this woman ugly is a complete faggot.
    no disrespect to gay people but, the comments some of these so called men
    make are kind of weird.

  3. You’re lying on the bed and she comes in and starts doing that – hubba

    A top athlete who’s happy and wants to let it out. Fantastic.

  4. I think she the only thing she needs in life to be happy is……a Mexican
    husband, how about me? I love people with big and sincere smiles.

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