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Make The Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby – French Version

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  1. oops, sorry, what I meant to say was: Women aren’t against being looked at as sexual creatures, they just don’t want to be viewed as sexual objects. One thing feminists love to see is women taking pride in themselves and in their bodies, and taking charge of how they use them.

  2. Except, of course, the world HAS changed since then. Half the feminist blogs on tumblr are posting re-blogging this, praising it. These women are proud of their bodies and aren’t afraid to show them off–if they’re getting paid for it, more power to them. Women aren’t being looked at as sexual creatures–they’re against being looked at as sexual OBJECTS.

  3. Then you have no clue what you are talking about. ‚Women’s Rights‘, as in the movement, are only activated when its convenient for them. They have no real agenda. Seeing a woman ‚exploited‘ like this for commercial purposes, voluntary or not, is not „empowering a woman“. A rock video is ‚luring a vulnerable‘ woman for a man’s visual benefit. Contradicting the basic women’s rights manifesto. „Women take it off when and where they feel like it“ and not for money. That constitutes porn..hahaha

  4. Are you kidding? Women’s rights groups wouldn’t do shit! These women are walking around proud of their own bodies, confident in themselves. They aren’t being objectified at all, they’re in control, they’re enjoying themselves and being body positive.

    That’s all a big part of feminism.

  5. „Thats ok, if French or British girls don’t want Brit boys, we will gladly take them of your hands“ – American and Russian girls

  6. Sincèrement, je félicite ces 3 nanas pour s’assumer autant pour vouloir faire ça. Un clip original qui change de tout ce qu’on à l’habitude de voir et une super musique.

  7. You’re Britain I GUESS?. Anyway if it pleases you to think so. However too few Britain think like you. This country actually don’t prove they want. Also Scotland want to separate from the United Kingdom…sad days. haha..

  8. You know there is something awkward with the way you search for stuff in +
    YouTube when you search for „Baby Songs“ and this video comes up…

    Then again my musical taste in French songs just got enriched and to be
    honest the song is catchy, lyrics are funny and the video is brilliant and
    was filmed in a single shot!

  9. Сисек всеравно не видно, поэтому смотрел на вывески магазинов. Они в зеркальном отражении все снимали )

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