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Lyndsy Fonseca Eats Ice Cream Sexy

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  1. I think there’s actually something in the brain that makes it almost
    impossible to link eating and sexuality. Seeing someone eating is nothing
    else than that. That doesn’t prevent everyone from pretending as if it were
    a natural connection.

  2. I’m an actual fan of Lyndsy Fonseca. I watch her TV show ‚Nikita‘ on the CW Network every week. Maggie Q. and Lyndsy Fonseca are co-stars. It’s kind of like a female James Bond show. I hate TV but ‚Nikita‘ is different – the writers are a cut above the average.

  3. I dont know why I’m saying this but apparently you’re missing the obvious. The reason guys find hot women eating ice cream, bananas, etc attractive is because we can imagine their pretty faces with their full lips, stunnings eyes, and sensual tongues on our genitals. not sure if you understand that. you might just be trolling. but there you go in either case.

  4. You’re looking long and lean
    you walk around like a dream
    how do you get into them painted on jeans
    I’m praying the end justifies the means
    I wanna get it on with a Dixie Queen
    You little sexy thing
    Dont you be no tease
    Youre a fine little girl
    Wont u shake it one time with me
    Youve got crazy legs
    The kind that makes me beg
    Im breaking a fever
    and your making me sweat
    U ain’t even met me
    Honey, tell me you’ll let me
    Take u body surfing on a king-sized waterbed
    U sexy thing. Dont u be no tease

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