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Kate Upton Too Hot For Baseball Boyfriend Justin Verlander Bombs At All-star Game

DID KATE UPTON CAT DADDY A CURSE ON BASEBALL BOYFRIEND JUSTIN VERLANDER! Sports Illustrated cover model and viral video vixen Kate Upton seems to have Cat D.


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  1. I would have said no usually, however you presented interesting examples however there is no actual proof of girlfriends having effect on sports players performance however you did bring up one hell of an interesting point there. first video ive watched here and enjoyed. so i think i shall subscribe 😀

  2. OMG! His hands!! lol!! =) Awe, thanks for putting meh on your vid, And hooray for C4ssie, & for Ms. R’s Comment & all of the other Basedow Points, like Kamea & Wade! Grace cracked meh up at the end!!! LOL!! XD "So you gonna do it?" HAHA!!!

  3. Thanks buddy. Much appreciated. I hope you come to the live show tonight at 9p ET on Kondoot.com-slash-JohnBasedow. I’ll give your channel a shout out too!

  4. Growing up, all the attractive female celebrities were significantly older than me, which was fine by me. But now I’m in college, and Kate Upton is only 3 months older than me, yet she seems just as unattainable as all those female celebrities who were 10-20 years older than me a half-decade ago. I wouldn’t particularly want to date a celebrity given the problems with that, it just feels weird how some things change and some things don’t.

  5. Definitely a pre-game distraction having a lover warp your mindset, save that for after game celebrating. The show was different, good one:)

  6. Good point. Can you think of any names? Also…Why aren’t you at the live shows?! We have an awesome group of people & I’d like to see you at the Thu 9p ET show! 🙂

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