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Jimmy Kimmel Takes Jessica Alba To Birthing Class

Jimmy Kimmel Takes Jessica Alba To Birthing Class


Jimmy Kimmel Live – The second part of Jimmys interview with Jessica Alba, where he goes to birthing class with her

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  1. I guess you’re not Asian. Total misconception of Jimmy Kimmel. Racism won’t get less, if white people think they are entitled to make their jokes on this shit.

  2. @kai flunkerte I actually am Asian, 50% Chinese. I don’t mind that joke, and I know others who don’t as well. You should also probably understand Racism. Most people don’t. Racism, or being racist is when you generalize the entire race as inferior to your own. Jimmy asked a question that did not put her down, in a way it probably made her more proud to be Asian. What he more or less did was stereotype her. He was not being racist towards her.

  3. But stereotyping is the very instrument of all -isms. It allows whites to act out their fears and confines the way POCs can move in white dominated spaces. The white people’s fear of the „smart, diligent asian“ (sry for the reproduction but I don’t know how to make myself clear otherwise) sounds like a compliment, but fires back on some level. It points out a white conception of the world, where it’s whites against „the others“.

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  5. ? it’s not clear to me where you are heading. talking about violence always has a tendency to reproduce it, but that doesn’t mean you can heal the world, by pretending it isn’t there. Anyway maybe it would be easier for you, if you didn’t think so much of racists, but about racism. It’s about actions, not about who you are.

  6. Jessica Alba is so awesome. I have seen other videos of her and she is just a real girl who is funny and likes to have fun. I really respect her for that. Not to mention she is just sensual looking … very attractive to look at.

  7. I just commented on what you were saying. With this comment now you phrase yourself differently. Had you said „people“ instead of „whites“ it would have been a completely different story. By saying „whites“ you are as racist as you think Kimmel was by saying that joke. Anyhow just wanted to point that out. Youtube comment discussions never end well. Peace out.

  8. yes they can end well. Let’s try 🙂 I see now what you mean. Racism is not about some individuals, but about the structure of a society. We live in a society, that is dominated by white people. I.e. excluding some tiny little protected spaces, white people are usually in the position, where them having a racist conception endangers people of color. It’s not only about prejudice, it’s about that prejudice becoming dangerous.

  9. (continued)… One of the effects is that they e.g. dominate the media like Jimmy Kimmel and teach everyone else to view the world with their eyes. And this way white prejudices become some pseudo -truth people of color have to fight against every day. reverse you don’t have the same case. So it’s about power not about some assumption on white people. So the color of the skin is not determining who is racist, but it determines how your position is represented in society: with or without power.

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  11. Actually it is not the root of racism. Stereotyping is a psychological automatic process that has developed over the course of evolution to assist in making day-to-day decisions. If I say that German cars are well made that isn’t racist, but it is a stereotype that helps me to internally classify the world around me. While it is true that not all Asians are „smart“ or „diligent“ it is also true that not all whites are racist or „afraid of Asians.“ Besides racism is hardly unique to whites.

  12. I didn’t say stereotypes are the root, but the instrument. The root is that people had/have to explain why they subjugate and exploit other people, while they guarantee equal rights to each other within a certain group. I am not saying that „all whites…“. If all whites were anyway like that, why wasting energy on changing it? That was totally not my point. I used the adjective white here, to describe the specifically white role in racism as a social condition.

  13. maybe too much smartass vocabulary before. concercing the instrument: while people have categories concerning all kinds of things, the question is which importance they get in our social interaction. Concerning racism the stereotypes are filled with hate. It’s significant, that this joke, which is really not extra-special-smart, gets so many likes. Why do they like that stereotype so much? I think the „fun“ in it is exactly the sadistic force: they’re assigning someone a place.

  14. You may be correct, I was simply stating that stereotyping on a whole is not a bad thing (although racism is). I would not presume to justify the humor that others find in the joke, only to inform and educate others in the verbiage of the debate. The only issue that I took with your previous comment was that you characterized whites as being the predominant racist group, while historically racism is a cross cultural issue found in nearly all ethnic groups.

  15. I find it pretty important to lay that emphasis on white people, because the average youtuber is not thinking about history, but about their every day life, and there the hate and the power dynamics have a clear direction, the roles are not symmetrically evil. This common misconception leads to the seeming paradox that you can’t analyze racism anymore without being racist (this appeared a bit in your comment also). hey wow. We’re having a productive discussion on youtube.Unbelievable! 🙂

  16. While I fail to see what you’re speaking of in regards to my comments (likely because I’m simply not processing it the same way as you are) generally I agree. In fact there is a very interesting movement occurring right now against multiculturalism that states that by actively encouraging cultural differences we, as a society, are creating a resurgence of racism rather than cultural diversity. While I myself do not follow this line of reasoning it is apparent that some do.

  17. Also I apologize if I come off as defensive of whites, clearly there are numerous individuals out there who still hold racist beliefs. I suppose that it stems primarily from the fact that (and yes I can appreciate the irony here) I, as a white do not wish to be associated with people who hold those beliefs.

    Oh, and in regards to having a productive discussion (on YouTube of all places) I very much appreciate it. Generally I think there is a deficit of though-provoking discussion in society.

  18. Guess one has to look with which arguments they go against multicultural. I know the reasonable critique, that cultures are not static, but evolving in interaction. so they replace with „intercultural“. I think the concern is that people tend to root culture in biology. often people have the same culture, but still get the „other-culture“-label and connected stereotypes, because of their appearance. Also European nazis can easily reverse multiculti claiming culture can and should stay „pure“.

  19. after thinking I have another suggestion to explain this now: The heart of all jokes is here that Kimmel is a racist, sexist jerk (the women and the Asian are annoyed) Teasing people with stereotypes is the very reason, it’s funny. While this might look innocent here, and still when you play that game with friends in consent, a lot of discrimination of today happens on exactly that excuse-basis. People give you shit as hell, while insisting, you HAVE to be their joke object. What do you think?

  20. It would be a good idea if Jimmy would stay in the waiting area if his woman is in labor. He would be so distracting to the birthing staff with his funniness and I don’t know if the baby could be birthed correctly. He might be kicked out for being too funny. LOL…. OK… Jimmy another good one.

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  22. i get what you are saying but it goes both ways, especially with comedy. people make stereotypical jokes about white people all the time in comedy routines. done in the right way it can actually help show how absurd stereotypes are.

  23. agree. that would be what people used to call satire. But satire is uncovering the violence it talks about. This is not. Jimmy Kimmel gives a role model how to be a contemporary accepted cool racist „I am allowed to make a joke out of you, no matter if you are laughing about that“ (that is exactly the message of that if you look close at her reaction, and the reaction of the other white laughing guy).

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  26. If I ever have to go to a birthing class I would want somebody funny like Jimmy Kimmel to be there so the session won’t be so boring

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  37. I loved this it was too funny, the husband of the asian lady started laughing really hard at one point. I loved the the birth at the end lol

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  40. I kept screaming at my husband „stop touching me!! Stop touching me!!!“ I’m usually such a nice person. And they told me I proposed to the epidural guy. He said he gets that all the time.

  41. I know its a fucking JOKE,but he is still being a FUCKING asshole…People can be funny without being a fucking asshole …I like him ,but he is still being a fucking asshole

  42. how do you know it is scripted ?r u on the show ? if not then shut the f u can tell by reactios it is not scripted you do not need a script for that..i like him here he was being a stupid ass

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  45. Jimmy Kimmel never dares to make fun of the Blacks or the Muslims or the Jews because he is a coward. :)))) But he thinks „killing Chinese is interesting“! :))))

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  47. I am not going to help my wife deliver the baby fuck that lmao

    Ill take her ass to the hospital and they can take care of that.. I am not goin to do this shyt fuk that

  48. Looking at y’alls comments using the word „Asian“ like a noun is like
    calling a Black Woman as a that „Blackie“

    It’s pretty offensive and borderline racist

    Oh, and Jessica is classy and pretty even when pregnant 🙂

  49. If birthing classes are like that, there’s no way I’m going. Then again,
    I’m a half-trained nurse and a future midwife, so it’d be silly to go

  50. Jimmy K is painfully unfunny… he’s a classic wanker that gets Hollywood
    attention because he self-promotes. Like so many cripple-arse Yanks he has
    to be the centre of everything – ego being a substitute for personality in

  51. First this, then the kid’s comment on Jimmy Kimmel about how America should
    kill everyone in China so we don’t have to pay back our big debt. Kimmel
    had to apologize to China, so while he’s at it, he should apologize to the
    whole continent.

  52. I would not be able to keep a straight face let alone perform a skit when
    Jessica Alba is leaning over between my legs with her hands on my thighs
    whilst wearing a rather loose top….

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