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Jessica Alba Paul Walker – Into The Blue


OMG DI have so many viewers , THANK YOU —————————————————————————– Jessica Alba and Paul Walker had an amazing chemistry in this movie They deserved a video P —————————————————————————- Song I will by Holly Palmer

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  1. NOOOOO I can’t watch this anymore it used to be beautiful and loving now is
    plain sadness to watch it, he’ll never come back and that is too sad to
    remember :'(

  2. (-.-) at least he lived a perfect life and so much kisses!! he was cool!!
    gurls loved him!! and now everyone talks about him! well if anyone of us
    die maybe just our natives care not so many peoples!! so yeah! i am not sad
    for him since he was fame and lived a perfect life as i said!!

  3. Let’s face it everyone, Paul Walker was a shit actor. Heath Ledger for
    example died at the age of 28 giving an Oscar worthy performance in
    Brokeback Mountain and then giving the greatest acting performance ever as
    The Joker.

    What’s Walker going to be remembered for huh? Some shitty fast and furious
    movies? LOL!

  4. Paul, you will always be my greatest inspiration of all time, i love you
    since your a great person and actor, you will always have my best wishes
    and condolences 🙁

  5. I was pondering on this lyrics: If ur not afraid of luv, please give the
    guy a chance, if ur not afraid to give, please do so. I love this song. If
    ur not afraid of…….

  6. I really loved this movie from the first time I saw it! I Was smitten by
    the love story between them, and I kept rewinding to the love scenes
    because I am A kissaholic!! ;*}

  7. If you’re not afraid of love, if you’re not afraid of us, let me hear you
    say, I will. I love this song and movie, it’s one of those engagement song
    for all time. It’s really a song for that special occasion when a guy ask
    the girl for an engagement, if girls are so afraid of a guy asking them,
    why don’t they ask the guy to married the girl. Kinda weird, is it.

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