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Is Kate Upton Fat

A known as a &;skinny blog&; skinygossip recently called model Kate Upton an &;average girl&; and insinuated that shes overweight based on some pict.


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  1. Women are such fucking haters. Upton is beautiful & adorable anyone who
    hates on her MUST be jealous.
    Eat your heart out bitchesss!

  2. but also, dont bash skinny women either, you woman at the studio. There are
    skinny women out there who are healthy, that you just called a „pile of
    bones“ or something like that, I mean common! You are just as bad as those
    girls on the website in those comments. You are such a hypocrite!

  3. As a hetero male I can say that Kate Upton’s body is unappealing to me.
    Society has a warped view of what is attractive. We evolved to have
    physical strength and to look for partners that displayed signs of
    strength. Kate’s body show signs only of weakness and softness. Imagine her
    trying to do a pullup. I think it would be a funny sight. Women aren’t
    doing themselves any favours by holding her in high regard. The sexism of
    men told women to be weak and take up less space and this is the result.

  4. I think Kate Upton is beautiful and the „skinny Blog“ is so crappy – but I
    disagree with what our woman host was saying. At one point she mentioned,
    „I don’t even KNOW where women get these unrealistic expectations of
    beauty!“ Hello?? Perfume ads? Runway shows? Magazines? We are constantly
    bombarded EVERY DAY with unrealistic expectations of what we should look
    like. And secondly, you said it’s not the men, it’s the women who tear each
    other up – I agree in that yes, women DO tear each other up – but men
    DEFINITELY play a role here too. They are the founding reason for which
    women started scratch out eyes – if there weren’t such high expectations of
    women to have big breasts, be sexy and thin, and act promiscuously, then
    there wouldn’t be any female-to-female competition. Women hating on women
    is a side effect of the real causes: fake, photoshopped ads all around us
    every day, and the constant pressure to look sexy for men so we can gain
    their approval.

    Kate’s beautiful. The skinny blog is shitty. All pant sizes are lovely. But
    the narratives were accurate.

  5. „No one’s interested in a bag of bones“ was a statement used trying to
    defend women and their image. Lol. Now let’s take a look at all these
    comments, she’s either PERFECT or DISGUSTING. We’re such a silly species.

  6. Men do want meat on the bones as long as that meat is in the right places
    and not flubby. That’s the thing. They want ’skinny‘ women with big firm
    breasts and a big firm butt i. e. ‚curves‘, BUT where there’s body fat on
    women, there most likely will also be cellulite, stretch marks somehow
    sometime. That’s nature! But that is not want men want. So, skinny women
    who don’t eat much get breast implants and butt injections to fulfill the

  7. Well……that might be one of the most disturbing websites I’ve ever
    visited 0_o They give each other tips on how to get rid of bruises from
    malnutrition and a gal who is 5’7 wants to be 95lbs, I type this with a
    slice of pizza in hand.

  8. How the hell is she fat she is hot and that bitchy women in the comment
    section saying she is fat probably ugly than a bitch and actually fat.

  9. Anyone who calls Kate Upton fat is just trying to intentioanlly cause
    controversey and gain attention for their own endeavor or are simply hating.

    For once, a not so twiggy girl is getting all this attention blasting away
    the modes of unhealthy stick figure models as being the definition of sexy.

    Upton has curves in all the right places and a face that is so adorable it
    has to be natural. Shes not a kim kardashian with all the butt injections
    nose surgery, face boobs and botox, so she should be celebrated as natural.

    But theres always haters everywhere. Let them talk, they only show how
    stupid and jealous they are

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