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High Fashion Swimwear Photo Shoot On The Beach


Natalie Angela Swimwear, 2 Day Fashion Photo Shoot Campaign, Spring 2012 Collection. Behind The Scenes. Photographed by Fashion Photographer, Arthur St. John. Designer Natalie Angela NatalieAngela Photographer amp Creative Director Arthur St. John ArthurStJohn FaceBook Models Charlotte Monique Blanchard Kristina Korban Monica Miyagi Genesis Canal Hair Stylists amp Make-up Artists Amelia Todd Allison Noel Mesa Jacqueline Romero Brittney Hall Wardrobe Stylist Danica Kalmbaun Behind The Scenes Videographers Brett Miller Alen Hakoopian Behind The Scenes Video Editor Branded Myre BrandedMyre Production Assistants Don Cunanan of DC-Visions Ricardo Ramos Diego Madrigal Rick Avena Edgar Velarde Steve Canar Heather Ryan Natalie Angela Swimwear Spring 2012 Collection Behind The Scenes NatalieAngela Arthur St. John Photography infoarthurstjohn arthurstjohnyahoo ArthurStJohn

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  1. Hey there, are you familiar with "Photo SFXart Tricks" (do a Google search for it)? There you will find a great free video featuring the best way to make awesome photographs. It helped Daniel to create pictures that have a jaw-dropping-effect after you take a look at them. Hopefully it works for you too.

  2. This is more a photoshop video than photography technique in my opinion.
    I’m more of a realist in my photography, so once you applied the exaggerated post production, I lost interest. You should have just shot the water as a background, and cut and paste the models (shot in a studio) into the final composition.

  3. in my opinion, i would like to see MORE airbrushing and smoother skin. i think some of the photos need more airbrushing. i guess it’s just a preference? just a matter of taste i suppose.

  4. arthur st john combines professional photography and digital post production to create the "fantasy" look. thats why its so popular. photography on its own (without post) is a thing of the past. every major photographer spends time post processing, i know some that spend more time in post than the actual photo shoot. look at the number of Likes vs Dislikes on this video. that should tell you something. if this was just shot in a studio then background digitally added in, would not be as popular.

  5. Look at how many Likes vs. Dislikes this video has… what do you think that tells you? people like this. this is the style of photography that is popular and in demand right now. more people like the "artistic" and "fantasy" look than the "natural" and "real" look. i understand this is a matter of taste and not everyone’s taste is the same, but the fotomontage you speak of and perfect airbrush skin is what people want. if people did not like this, why so many Likes? think about it.

  6. This video must contain ‚exposuring technics scenes‘, so it must be the original pictures in ‚result scenes‘. But ‚working scenes‘ is OK, ‚result secenes‘ has contained editing pictures.

  7. This video must contain ‚exposuring technics scenes‘, so it must be the original pictures in ‚result scenes‘. But ‚working scenes‘ is OK, ‚result secenes‘ has contained editing pictures.

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