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Harry Potter Pole Dance!

Harry Potter Pole Dance!

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  1. Hello morning!

    I thought you were going to start off terribly due to the absence of milk
    or creamer in my house making it impossible for me to enjoy any coffee,

    …turns out I found something else to get my heart racing.

    *Why have I not seen this?*

  2. People keep posting „Best Pole Dance Ever.“ It’s some lady doing pole dance
    moves that while impressive, have no style, shot with a low-def camera.
    Great you can do stuff on a pole lady. But are you magic?
    Also, this lady, „Lethal Blonde“ or whatever her name is has an awesome
    Scott Pilgrim style fight on her channel. That’s a lot of sexy geek cred.

  3. girl you have no idea how much your movies mean to me, i have been following you for a year ever since i first saw your HP vid, it’s what convinced me to finally try pole dancing, i came out to my mom about it and she was very supportive, you changed my life, thank you so much, seriously you are an inspiration, i only hope that one day i can be as awesome a dancer and a person as you.

  4. Seriously cool! I am studying tv and film and i also do pole, so finding your channel was a goldmine!! I laughed so hard at the end when you said „i’m old Greggg!“ I was waiting for „…. I’ve got a mangina-gina-gina“ haha!

  5. I don’t sell sex. Appeal though, is one aspect that I try to convey in performance art, and it’s accompanied by a lot of other things beyond sexuality and one would hope that’s apparent.

  6. another GREAT reason to have a pole at YOUR house…….lax rules on use of magic and reasonable cover! they’d never let that shit fly at the club!

  7. Pole dancing isn’t about sex. It is just this really amazing art form that somehow got twisted into being affiliated as a stripper thing. Anything can be made to be associated with sex. If someone wanted to, ballet can be used to sell sex.

  8. Oh my goodness… I thought I was the only „nerd“ out there who liked to
    pole dance. I just saw your elvish dance too, and I think you are
    wonderful! Such creativity <3. 100 points to Slytherin!

  9. Absolutely in love with your video. The dancing and video quality is
    amazing but what I need to know is this song! Where is it from? And thank
    you for sharing your art.

  10. Total and pure talent. You can see your love for your art form, yes I view
    pole dancing as an extremely beautiful form of live action art. All I could
    think was „look at Hermione all grown up“ then in an instant, bam, „look at
    McGonogall all young and sexy!“ Firre the space you had you did a fantastic
    job with extending and the filming is spot on! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I watch this every time Harry Potter news comes out because I find the art
    of pole dancing…………………………………………..magical?

  12. I don’t see the correlation between pole dancing and Harry Potter.

    But, hey! It doesn’t matter! You’re extremely good at it and I raise my
    glass to you.

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