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Harry Potter Pole Dance!

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  1. I don’t see the correlation between pole dancing and Harry Potter.

    But, hey! It doesn’t matter! You’re extremely good at it and I raise my
    glass to you.

  2. I watch this every time Harry Potter news comes out because I find the art
    of pole dancing…………………………………………..magical?

  3. Total and pure talent. You can see your love for your art form, yes I view
    pole dancing as an extremely beautiful form of live action art. All I could
    think was „look at Hermione all grown up“ then in an instant, bam, „look at
    McGonogall all young and sexy!“ Firre the space you had you did a fantastic
    job with extending and the filming is spot on! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Absolutely in love with your video. The dancing and video quality is
    amazing but what I need to know is this song! Where is it from? And thank
    you for sharing your art.

  5. Oh my goodness… I thought I was the only „nerd“ out there who liked to
    pole dance. I just saw your elvish dance too, and I think you are
    wonderful! Such creativity <3. 100 points to Slytherin!

  6. Pole dancing isn’t about sex. It is just this really amazing art form that somehow got twisted into being affiliated as a stripper thing. Anything can be made to be associated with sex. If someone wanted to, ballet can be used to sell sex.

  7. another GREAT reason to have a pole at YOUR house…….lax rules on use of magic and reasonable cover! they’d never let that shit fly at the club!

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