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Grace Park In Sexy Bikini


Kono Grace Park looking hot in a bikini from an episode of Hawaii Five-0.

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  1. The idiocy of this Hawaii 5-0 new series is jawdropping; sad that after Battlestar Galactica she didn’t find anything better; maybe because she’s Asian and in US TV/Film industry it’s a difficult placement; I love her, what a waste…

  2. Are you sad virgin loser white boy who can’t get any blonde snatch so goes exclusively for asian chicks because only their vaginas will fit your tiny 2 inch cock?

  3. I saw her interview recently; there is a fondness for casting her as a sex symbol; this certainly works & is perfectly understandable, but she would be equally good playing someone in a story about the real world. Miss Park is funny also hence she would work in quality comedy. It seems that producers wish to highlight her ‚exotic ethnicity“; she and many other superb performers of Asian extraction could so easily feature in things not reliant on clichés; producers need to recognise this. Thanks.

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