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Getting Over Bikini Anxiety


Bethenny helped some members of her audience with some bathing suit makeovers and facing their bikini anxiety with the help of her genius stylist, Jenn Pinkston

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  1. Victoria’s Secret very sexy twist bandeau top. I love them, they come in tons of colors, removable padding and straps and they give you cleavage. I would stock up on them during the semi annual sale.

  2. these women have no anxiety they are in bikini in the middle of tv, lol the second „swimming suit“ is prolly designed in saudi arabia, lol no woman no wear a bikini, lol

  3. why would everyone have it?? bathing suit is to be comfy and dry fast so you are not cold., and you do not have to be the best looking girl on that beach, lol, so where would the anxiety come from???

  4. what are these white pants called? and where can i get these-> love them. theyy look great. never saw pants to look through like this 🙂 Love you bethenny-> i’m so excited for fall to watch your new show. greets from Germany 🙂

  5. the problem with a onepiece is not that it doesn’t look sexy, because as we saw, they definetaly look very good, but you just don’t get a tan with it.

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