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Frederick’s Of Hollywood – Holiday 2012 – Feature Version

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  1. My favorite store! So much better than Victoria Secret;sexier and naughtier
    with better prices and comparable quality. I always find something new to
    take home!

  2. The ultimate results of how effective the video is will be sales.
    Not sure about the slogan with “We do it better”. Better than who? VS?
    I don’t think so. Saying you do it better doesn’t mean that you actually do. Still, Frederick’s is getting better over the years as far as respectability goes.

  3. not bad, not bad at all, but you guy need to show off your product more, i feel like this’s more about the model than the product, but overall,i like the video.

  4. This ad was awesome! These models are just beautiful and the lingerie that they are modeling moves with them and looks taylor made for their bodies….Great Commercial!

  5. Not liking the stupid yellow light in the way, very distracting. The intent to show classy kind of went to trashy / hooker I feel. I mean hot, yes, but not as classy as you should be aiming for at Fredericks!

  6. I want to see more girls.. not just one.. more lingerie styles.. more stories in the same video shoot with different story lines that sell the same story.. passionate sex appeal.. adding men is helpful because the market you are soliciting to is men trying to buy for women (at least that is my take) and men want to think of themselves as sexy so.. seeing sex men would help. I totally totally wanted to see the trench coat end up on the floor in a man’s office and hotness on the desk! Yum!

  7. I am #TeamFredericks BUT u guys have a long way to go before your commmercials can compete with VS if this is all you’ve got. Back to the drawing board you go.

  8. I need only 2 Word to sum This Up:
    SMOKING HOT !!!!!!

    24 seconds in the movie the girls takes off her coat getting out of the elevator. Where on the FH site do you what shes wearing? Really want to buy that for the wifey !

  9. I love video and the fact that model has curves and reflects women; we are
    not all thin women. The rest of us want to be sexy and comfortable and
    enjoy our clothing, be part of it. Frederick’s of Hollywood gives this to
    women of all shapes and sizes. I love and enjoy buying stuff from them!
    Awesome video!

  10. I agree that this isn’t geared towards women at all. However, it’s near
    Christmas so they want the men to like this for their wife, and but it

  11. I’m disappointed. I thought that they were more geared toward a full figure
    girl that a toothpick? I mean yes they have all of those sizes, but I feel
    that they are just trying to be like all the others. Also, this looks
    geared towards men only…………

  12. There’s nothing better than a model who actually knows how to move!
    However, the loc seems a tad on the charge-by-the-hour seedy motel side
    compared to the opulent palatial backgrounds in VS shoots. If you wanna
    grab a bigger market share, appeal to the party girls with a nightlife
    backdrop – not the lunch with a “John” in Motel 6 crowd.

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