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Fashion Photo Shoot On The Beach With Tawnie Lynn


Like Tawnie Lynn on FaceBook FaceBook Fashion Photo Shoot on the Beach with Model Tawnie Lynn and Celebrity Fashion Photographer Arthur St. John. 4 Looks. 1 Full Day. Go Behind the Scenes in Full HD. Photographer Arthur St. John ArthurStJohn FaceBook Twitter ModelMayhem YouTube Model Tawnie Lynn TawnieLynn FaceBook Hair Stylist amp Make-up Artist Mikey Stone of Cutting Edge Beauty CuttingEdgeBeauty.biz Behind The Scenes Videographer Brett Cassano Behind The Scenes Video Editor Sam Davidson ARTHURSTJOHN

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  1. Great shots incredible colors, you are right does look better than film
    did.These look like some of your greatest shots. looking forward to seeing
    your next ones.

  2. The technique is stunning….somehow I dont think my speedlight will do the
    job in the California Sunshine! I actually like the tune too if anyone
    knows what it is! Great vid….Cheers Arthur

  3. hello, can you tell us how much % the flash showed in the light meter? 90% 100%? how do you combine the ambient light with the strobe?

  4. Would I be able to achieve anything similar to this with my comparatively modest Nikon SB910 speed light? Is the advantage of your strobes just in extra light output?

  5. this was really awes0me sir Arthur St, John.. i am a fan of yours. i am a beginner in ph0t0graphy and i want to learn your style of ph0t0graphy. i hope i can learn some of your technics. if you dont mind.. i want to ask what ph0t0 pr0cessing software you are using? thank y0u in advance

  6. "no filters, just manual camera settings and post work.
    direct sun behind model facing me… shooting at F/22, Shutter 1/250, ISO 100, Custom WB… strobe handles exposing the model, the rest is all post processing." quoting @arthurstjohn

  7. 400 watts/sec may not be enough power at certain camera settings. You will need to open your shutter / aperture or increase ISO to get proper exposure on the model.. but doing so will wash out your background. the only way to achieve this look is with a powerful strobe flash. the more power the better. if using a polarizing filter you need even more flash power as the filter will make everything darker (including your model).

  8. The beach was a private residential beach… that is why its so empty. shooting on weekdays is also a key factor (as opposed to shooting on weekends when there’s more people outside).

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