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Esti Ginzburg, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011


Esti Ginzburg is back for her third year in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Learn more about this Israeli beauty and see more exclusive videos and photos as si

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  1. im israeli and i have to ask the english speakers here:what do you think about esti english? its good? cause i think its very good but what do you think?

  2. I honestly thought she was American the first time I heard her talk. She could easily pull off as an "All-American" girl and I like that she’s so fluent with speaking English. Once you get to know her though, and kind of recognize her voice more, you can start to point off parts of her accent when she is speaking in English but it still sounds really good!

  3. Good for her that respectable & refreshing 🙂 I like that alot. Stick to it Miss this world has clever & craft for stealing the things of value we have inside. They greedily want you, protect it but never lose your grace & kindness. Miracles dance around us <3

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