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Bringing Sexy Back – Alethea Austin Pole Dance


Happy to be one of the leaders of Bring Sexy Back to Pole Dancing Week…. Dancing this way is an art form that takes just as much practice as tricks. def SEXY FLEXY To make the most refined fluid extended movement possible. Thank ALL you ladies who posted this week xoxo Alethea Music is Coeur De Pirate – Wicked Games Dubstep Mix

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  1. You are my inspiration. I started pole only several months and one day a
    week for an hour. How long have you been doing this. Please give me a
    little background story how you started and how to get better. All your
    dances are so control and smooth and sexy. I can go on and on. I love it.
    Thank you!!

  2. +erin hays +nwez2 The original is a song called „Wicked Games“ by The
    Weeknd. Not sure who did this cover though. Hope this helps!

  3. Alethea, this is art of a very high quality – the choice of song, the
    choreography, the setting (love the pink mirrors!)…… I can’t stop
    watching it over and over again. you are my personal idol when it comes to
    poledancing. I just love your slow and sexy style!

  4. You get such cute sparkly outfits. The song that she is dancing to I
    believe she put it in the description.
    Music is : Coeur De Pirate – Wicked Games Dubstep Mix

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