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Brazilian Body Paint Party

HttpA3Network BRAZILIAN BODY PAINT PARTY. Filmed at The Versace Mansion, Miami Beach. A 5th & Ocean Production. The bikini is typically a womens .


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  1. So, you decide to spend a nice vacation in Miami. The weather is great, the
    people are beautiful, the flavor of the food is as cosmopolitan as the
    people themselves. You enjoy the tan South Beach has to offer and visit the
    World Erotic Art Museum. Rinse. Repeat? Nah! Not if you can find a way to
    get invited to a Brazilian Body Paint Party at the Versace Mansion. You get
    to enjoy all the *Caipirinhas* your stomach is able to stomach, listen and
    dance to live *Samba* until you drop, meet very good looking women and men,
    refresh yourself in the pool and even get to watch a show of Capoeira.

    Oh, body painting! Yes, you’ll also be able to watch naked or semi-naked
    women and men being artistically painted on.

  2. lol, almost nothing to do with brazilian, just the music is a little
    similar and the fight-dancers showing the called „capoeira“, and also there
    are few people from brazil there, actually there is a „mix of many people“
    there, from many places.

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  7. I guess all the hot Brazilian women stay I Brazil. Every time Brazilian girl I’ve met in Toronto has been ugly as hell. Not to mention fat.

  8. Football is NOT an American sport. It was called football in England long long before America, as it now is, even existed. It can be traced right back to Medieval times. American Football is basically an offshoot of what we call rugby. Check it out on Wikipedia.

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