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Bikini Series™ Your Surfer’s Paradise Workout ~ Full Body Toning Routine!

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  1. hello ladies. I would like to know your opinion about daily exercise. I
    workout daily for more than 2 years and now I am getting little nervous if
    I do the right thing. I read some articles lately about how your body need
    to rest and that it isn’t good to workout daily. What is your opinion and
    how often are you exercising? Much love ♥

  2. My workout for the day 20 min run with intervals of sprinting (2min sprint/
    1min walk 2 min cool down) plus Tone It Up’s – Full Body Toning video X 3!
    I just have to remember my goals and then the motivation is a little

  3. This video would be great if we could hear everything you are saying and I
    sort of wish you would slow down and show us the move first and then start
    the workout. It’s just a little more help than trying to figure out what to
    do and you don’t always get to do all the reps. Thanks girls, love you
    guys! :)

  4. whoooop just finished doing this workout I can feelthe burn yaaay who else
    is enjoing the 2014 Bikini series??? anyone doing it in London? xxx ps I
    have a channel so feel free to check it out xx

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