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Bikini Blaster 2 Sexy Legs Workout Part 2


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  1. After reading others comments, at least I know I’m not the only one who’s
    still hurting 3 days after… Idk what to do to workout now though! I’m so
    freakin sore but I hate having to miss workout just because of it! :'(

  2. I cant do the first move. I don’t have any smooth floors in my house and my
    magazines always rip no matter what I do. Any advice on alternatives?

  3. okay this is gonna sound really weird but whenever i do calf workouts i
    feel like i have to go to the restroom even when i dont feel like it is
    that normal lol.

  4. is this weird? when i do the calf raises i have an intense mixture of good
    burning in my calves, horniness and anxious like feelings in my lower
    stomach /: WTF!!

  5. Argh my feet are cramping up so badly.. Are there any particular stretches
    I can do to prevent that from happening. Cramps at the outer sides of my
    feet.. 🙁 Other than that I looooved the work out although I will probably
    not be able to walk for quite some time.. ;p

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