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Bikini Blaster 2 Sexy Legs Workout Part 1

Bikini Blaster 2 Sexy Legs Workout Part 1


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  1. My back hurt like AHHG – second move with up and down. Any Ideas to prevent
    that because I only stopped because it hurt so much. I kept my hack
    straight though…

  2. Part 1 and Part 2 of these leg workouts killed my legs!! I did these
    yesterday, and my calves have trouble bending…I know i’ll feel better
    tomorrow though.

  3. I want to ask if this workout is suitable for legs that are already hard or
    is it just for legs that have fat? Cause my legs are kinda hard and i want
    to make the muscle smaller…what can i do? Can anyone help??

  4. Wow ur leg workouts r whats up!! They r hard core lady thank u for helping
    me. Im currently a new mom with an 8week old newborn that likes to cry a
    lot lol but I try to rock him to sleep n watch ur video to help me lose
    baby weight! 🙂

  5. Cassey, for some reason the t squat killed my ANKLES!!!!!! And I’m a Pointe
    dancer! Oh my gosh my poor feet… Oh well! My feet better SUCK IT UP!
    Because lately in the past 2 days I just all of the sudden tuned into like
    FATTY PATTY OR SOMETHING! So I was like, „oh, heck to the no I’m not going
    to Florida like dis baby I’m gonna WORK OUT TILL 12:40 IF THATS WHAT IT
    TAKES!“ I’ll give u an update on how I’m doing tomorrow… If I’m alive!

  6. Omg you have my dream body! I have 2 toddlers so my body is not where I
    want it to be after having kids. I’m a vegetarian so I eat some what
    healthy. I am on Day 3 of watching your videos. Your my motivation. Thanks
    for your videos. Love you. 🙂

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