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Cutely Tanned Beach Cuties – Sports Illustrated

Cutely Tanned Beach Cuties – Sports Illustrated

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  1. @james230uk Probably because they’re not wearing much else to fiddle around
    with… Besides, if they would actually take ‚m off, my video would get
    banned from Youtube ;-(

  2. I really have decided that this is the most euphoric, summery, beautiful,
    and highly addictive video on youtube, I just can’t help but keep coming
    back to it! Music is so perfect, so feel good, the ladies are so gorgeous,
    set in exotic locations, what more could a man want?

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  4. I don’t think that your motive would stick in court, but I totally believe in your innocence 😉
    Besides, if you’re a dude, you don’t need an excuse to watch this type of videos!

  5. Hmmm… Fortunately that´s a matter of taste.
    Personally I often find myself being attracted to a mix between Caucasian and and Asian. And let´s not rule out hot Latinas 🙂
    But in the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder….

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