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Amazing Sexy Model Turns Heads At Beijing Auto Show


A Chinese model who wore a revealing diamond-studded dress at the Beijing Auto Show last week has become an overnight star. BMW model Li Yingzhi, 22, has become the subject of several blogs and newspaper articles after the dress she wore sparked furious debate. According to several online blogs, Li is a popular, up-and-coming Chinese model and actress from Qingdao, Shandong Province. Dubbed the Beauty of Qingdao, the slender 1.77m-tall model has worked as a catwalk model, car show model, fashion model, dancer and actress.

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  4. Any woman who flaunts herself like that just for a little bit of money and publicity gets what’s coming to her. I hope she gets arse-raped up a backalley in Shanghai and then dumped on the street.

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