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15 Minute Intense Sexy Bikini ABS WORKOUT!! TRY IT

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  1. 9th day in a row of doing this vid and im definitely seeing results, so
    anyone doing this for the workout *cough* not for the fap *cough* keep at

  2. Omg, i had my daughter 7 months ago, out of all the workouts I’ve been
    trying this is the only one to kill me in the first three exercises. Gonna
    keep doing it awesome workout!!

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  4. ur body n bikini is just too sexy for me. i can’t concentrate workingout..
    i just have to have to jerkoff n cum at u.. my dick is so hard right now
    it’s growing 10 inches right now… that’s my kind of workout now

  5. Amazing this broad thinks the world is about working out on a beach…
    listen… did you ever hear of work? You know like swinging a hammer for 8
    hours a day.. or selling pretzels on the streets of new york in 20 degree
    Who’s your sugar daddy honey

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