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Doing Sexy Pole Dance – TV Show


121030 Strong Heart Ep152 – Gain BEG , Kim So Yeon, Lee Yoon Ji and Ye Won Gain -Bloom — Ga In SEXY CrLuzsubk,2ndLuzsubk and 3ndLuzsubk

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  1. WTF! Guys, if you wanna see a real-life HOMEMADE NUDE VIDEOS,
    Just search >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> „Angela’s Confessions“
    It’s a blog of an Asian girl and believe me, you will not regret visiting
    it! I have downloaded her video and I almost came freehand while
    watching it. LMAO. just sharing.

  2. They think that because of the pole. Apparently if you do any movement using a pole you are a stripper. -.- (I don’t think that way though. I appreciate and would love to learn Pole Dancing) Ga-In wasn’t even wearing hardly anything like most people do, probably cause of the holds and spins she did in the vid. She just wore shorts and a long sleeve brown top. So the pole is the only explanation why they would think she is a stripper.

  3. Because it’s pole dancing. It’s suppose to be like that. It’s not stripping. This form of dancing while getting slammed and labeled stripping. (probably due to the fact that 1. there’s a pole and 2. people don’t wear many clothes because they need skin contact to do holds & such. 1 man was able to do pole dancing in a specially designed suit, like literally a full suit and tie) Pole dancing can/does use different elements of dance/movements such as acrobat, ballet, hip-hop, etc.

  4. I remember her unable to lift weights in WGM, now she can do pole stunts. Unable to calculate the difference in energy needed to execute such stunts but still wow. XD

    Speak up ~ Speak up ~ Speak ~

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