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✔ OTA – Sexy Babes in Bikinis at Waikiki Beach ★HD★

Adult content. Restricted viewing in accordance with YouTube’s policies and this video has been deemed as Age-Restricted Viewing by the YouTube staff. Mahalo for your understanding. This content is deemed as Adult Content as based by the United States of America, and in any other country, it would be standard viewing material for all ages.

NOTE: Be sure to enable 1080p HD video on every video that I publish! Recorded at double the standard NTSC (not PAL) frame rate of 30fps and therefore is recorded at an unprecedented 60 frames per second while recording a full, non-interlaced (aka non-interleaved) 1080×1920 full Progression, aka 1080p 60fps.

All of the music are the results of my own design. As a token of my appreciation for having so many followers, currently in the year 2014, I am offering to you, the songs that I have published, for free. And check back from time to time to get the latest music and watch your favorite music videos, all for FREE for the WHOLE YEAR of 2014 ! !

To download my music for free, I simply ask that you elect to Follow, Share, and even Like my media creations, when appropriate. To download the music, just go to the first link below. I have also listed some of my other websites as well:

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